04 June 2012

About Saturday

We had a lovely day on Saturday on Pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady to the shrine of Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead. Fr Hurley celebrated a Missa Cantata at noon, accompanied by the quite simply wonderful Seaford Schola, led by Tom Hagger, some of whom (along with the man himself) are pictured rehearsing, below.

The weather was just right for the picnic, and groups of us went to see the Secret Chapel, where we were told the history of the Shrine and Blessed Francis Bell, before we met up at the Rosary Walk.

Benediction followed, which was absolutely beautiful. The musicians were marvellous, the singing was fantastic.

But did the afternoon end there, gentle readers? Oh dear me, no! To conclude, we had more tea, followed by more Catholic culture in the form of some resounding declamations of selected Cautionary Tales at the graveside of Hilaire Belloc, read by some of the people you can see pictured below:

We heard Matilda,  and Jim,

and Algernon!

And what just had to be the highlight, Mr Hagger, declaiming Heretics All!

It was a wonderful day. Many, many thanks to Fr Hurley for the Mass, and Rosary, and Benediction, to the serving team (you know who you are!), and very special thanks to Tom and the Seaford Schola, whose music made the day. Thank you all very much.

I think we all had a really good day!

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david said...

Annie from one who was there a great big thank you for organizing such a great day.