23 August 2011

WYD, The Horrible BBC, Michael Voris, and How I Cheered Up

I'm going to be complaining to the BBC about it's lamentable coverage of the events of WYD along with other people. I watch virtually no BBC programmes, but still, mea culpa, catch the news, even if it can make me froth at the mouth.
It is a bit much to expect balance from our supposedly impartial compulsorily funded (if you want to watch any TV at all) broadcasting corporation, but I had hoped for better, all the while knowing that good news, especially Catholic good news, is no news. Watching a load of angry old faces is much more telegenic than young peaceful and happy ones.

Given how taken the media were with youth rioting in the UK and how awful it was, it would have been nice to see some youth behaving beautifully in contrast, woudn't it? The Beeb do like youth after all (anyone else notice Dr Who is becoming progressively younger? If he regenerates another couple of times, he'll be an eight year old).

So I thank God for EWTN and Catholic media in general and was lucky to be able to catch most of the coverage of WYD on EWTN. Weren't those Stations of the Cross beautiful? It was brilliant to see so many young people so happy, to see the Holy Father so happy, even during the storm. Everything the Holy Father said was great. I especially loved his address to the disabled, all life has value and is of infinite worth. Again, not very newsworthy is it, to affirm all life as good?

Which brings me to Michael Voris, who is in the UK and speaking in London tomorrow.  I'm really sorry I can't get to hear him, but I have the net to make up for it. I'll be frank: I like what he says. He can be a bit, er, confrontational, in style as well as in content (and what is it with that pencil?) but that's not always a bad thing. Sometimes it's quite nice to hear something less fleecy and cuddly.

And so to me, a viewer, participating remotely, miffed to the nth degree by the failures of the above mentioned, I decided the only way to cheer myself up, and in honour of Madrid, was to buy a Spanish mantilla. So I have. I've tracked it eagerly from Spain to Germany, and await its delivery some time today, and I only ordered it on Saturday. How's that for service?

Update: Mantilla arrived and is beautiful.
Update part deux: I have also had a really good rant on a BBC complaint form. I can recommend it as highly cathartic.


david said...

Spot on Annie but what do you expect from the "Biased Broadcasting Corporation" thats stuffed to the gunnels with left wing anti catholics and the usual candy floss catholics they put up to maintain their so called balance.

john-of-hayling said...

and even an english deacon to proclaim the Gospel.........

Annie said...

That was great John, wasn't it :)

You know Dave, I kind of hope for the best with the beeb and invariably end up disappointed! I'll learn one of these days...

geoffthecat said...

Annie - I've sent my complaint off .... Although some people say, quite understandably, it's a pointless exercise, believe me (as an ex-employee) they HAVE to log all complaints and add them to the list. In the meantime, I really think we should all refuse to renew our TV licenses. See: http://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check/viewtopiccontent.aspx?id=TOP12&iqdocumentid=TOP12&WT.mc_id=r001