20 May 2011

That Statue. What a waste of metal.

I think it's, quite frankly, hideous. Go and vote at Fr Z's. He would also like your comments.

(Be quick though, allegedly the world is due to end tomorrow)


pelerin said...

It is isn't it. Modern art gone quite beserk. I presume the design was put to the local council but I cannot understand how it was ever passed. I saw it on a couple of blogs and voted for 'Ghastly' of course. Tourists are going to want to have their photo taken inside and no doubt it will soon be covered in graffiti.

I was outside Notre-Dame once and saw someone squeeze into one of the empty niches there to have their photo taken and I am sure this is what will happen here.

Annie said...

I think people will have the urge to lob things at the head to see if they can knock it off. It looks terribly precarious, and terribly tempting(and not at all like the Blessed John Paul).

pelerin said...

You are right - some people have commented it reminds them of Mussolini and even Stalin.

However not all modern sculptors produce such ugly work. There will be an imposing and beautiful statue unveiled in Lyon in October commemorating his visit there in 1986. It has been/will be sculpted by a lady sculptor so is full of feeling unlike the 'bus shelter.'From the model shown on a website this looks like a good likeness of Pope John Paul and he has a 'proper body.' He is shown smiling with arms outstretched blessing the city. It probably won't get the publicity of the appalling Roman one - I hope to be in Lyon in November and shall look forward to seeing it very much.

Annie said...

Is it this one?

pelerin said...

Yes Annie - you can find it on that site. Would have put a link if I were not so technically challenged!