09 May 2011

The Pilgrimage Saturday, 28th May

Yes, it's time to remind you that the LMS Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Consolation, West Grinstead in honour of Our Lady is almost upon us! It should be a lovely day, whether the the weather be fine or whether the weather be not, because you just can't not have a good day if there is sung Mass, Rosary and Benediction, Fr Lucie-Smith, Fr Blake, and a picnic.

Everyone is welcome. Mass starts at noon, and the day ends after Benediction at about 5-ish. Hope to see you there.


Mike Telford said...

Hi Annie,
Do you know how you and David are fixed for servers for the Missa Cantata on Saturday? I ask because Fr. Blake says he is bringing servers with him from Brighton. I am more than happy to make way for a younger man, as I believe strongly that we need lots of YOUNG servers, rather than oldies like me. Let me know whether I should bring my cassock 'n' cotta.
Sorry to contact you this way, but my e-mail is playing up something fearful, so maybe you could favour me with a reply here too. Ta.

Annie said...

Hey Mike:)

I think we're fine for servers thanks, and so glad you'll be coming! So leave the cassock in the cupboard. Looking forward to seeing you both!