28 September 2010

In case you missed this hoot...

...from Fr Z, here's a copy and paste job:

From a reader:

Can a beretta be used in the OF? When would it be used?

Yes, without question! But make sure that it is clean and in good working order so that it doesn’t misfire.

I would use the beretta primarily when there are too many extraordinary ministers charging the altar. Another possible moment would be when the choir sings On Eagles Wings or another ditty of that sort.

The best way to use the beretta is to rise… first removing your biretta – which is perfectly correct to use in celebrations of the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite – and, taking aim, go for head shots.

I have learned through hard won and tough experience that you should immediately reload!

To save you and everyone else that embarrassing hitching up of the alb and digging in the pocket for a clip … errrr…. magazine…, have one … or more … ready on a silver salver covered with a linen cloth about the size of a corporal. The altar boy, or if it is a more solemn occasion, deacon, can bring you clips magazines as you should need them.

The beretta should be cleaned after the purification of the chalice and before the final prayer and dismissal.

The congregation will be quite patient and will not leave before that final blessing, believe me.

[No actual extraordinary ministers of Communion or pop-combo members were hurt in the making of this blog entry.]


david said...

Brilliant brilliant,especially the eucharistic ministers thats what the priest should be doing or are they on work experience.

SiurreyCatholic said...

A good point and well made. How many times these days does one see priests - good priests - failing to 'uncover' at the mention of the holy name of Our Lord and Saviour? I know they have a lot to think about and remember but...these things are important. Oh and it's spelt biretta or berretta. What the spelling is for James Bond pea-shooter, I don't know.

David O'Neill said...

Thanks for that Annie. My wife & I are joint reps for Hexham & Newcastle diocese & your blog has, quite rightly, been pointed out as an example of a good & interesting example. I have recently added the rider to my blog that any opinions posted are my opinions & not those of the LMS.

Annie said...

Hi David, nice of you to say so :D