13 September 2010

His Holiness's visit

I haven't said anything about His Holiness coming to the UK for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I didn't know that I could trust myself to say anything nice or positive about the attitude of the media and their bigoted and biased programming and reporting, and secondly lots had already been said in the blogosphere regarding arrangements, not least, the er, liturgical entertainments and list of terms for the intellectually challenged.

So I stuck to the rosary and novenas and avoided the secular press. Whatever hatchet job reporters and politicians and disaffected try and do, it doesn't change the fact that we have a wonderful, truly holy, Holy Father.

I think, much as the visit of relics of St Therese surprised secular society, Pope Benedict's visit will surprise, unsettle, challenge, and revitalise not only Catholics, but everyone else too. At least, that's what I pray.

God bless our Pope, the great, the good.


david said...

Well said Annie the media peddle filth they would not recognize goodness if it hit them square on the nose.God bless our vicar of Christ.

Geoff Callister said...

I quite agree re the media. In fact I've been very busy this last week defending The Mystical Body of Christ (Holy Mother Church) behind the scenes, re the media - and in particular I've been attacking the BBC (my former employers) including some former colleagues and friends: It's very trying and utterly sad. However, I truly feel that the devil is working overtime in the media at present, precisely because he knows that there will be an amazing outpouring of Grace on this country, through this visit, the like of which hasn't happened for over 500 years.
Take heart - next week will be different!

Annie said...

That's what I'm praying for, that next week will be different, and in a very good way :D

Mike Telford said...

Annie, I published on Fr. Ray's blog, and seeing that you seem to a posting even more apposite, thought the comment would sit comfortably here as well.
"Father, Has it struck you that the media, especially TV, manages to appear 'Pope-friendly' while still quite cleverly following an anti-Papal agenda. They do this (I think) by saying things in ways that link them in the minds of their viewers/ listeners/ readers; e.g., 'The Pope arrives today amid continuing scandal...". [So Pope = scandal] Likewise the term 'priest' (Catholic, that is) = 'paedophile'. Really subtle, isn't it?

Annie said...

That's about right Mike, I think. But it depends what you watch. I was switching between EWTN and Sky, and I can tell you, in a Sky vs BBC news off, Sky wins hands down for impartiality.

There was none of that "Well, that was very interesting, we've heard a bit from a 'catholic', but now let's hear from a pansexually transgendered ex 'catholic', a humanist, a rationalist and a scientist and a nun".

I still can't stop smiling though! What a blessed time, and not only for John Henry Newman!