28 January 2010

I'm having me one of these...

...when the time comes.

Yesterday, I was present at my very first EF Requiem Mass. It was for a lady called Nancy, and was celebrated by Fr Bruno Witchalls. I was totally blown away by how consoling, hopeful, and beautiful it was. I have the LMS little red card in my purse and never thought about what it actually meant until yesterday, and experienced a proper Requiem. In death we are utterly reliant on the mercy of God, and we need prayers just as much as we ever did when we were alive, so please say a prayer for Nancy, and all the Holy Souls.


Jane said...


Yes indeed, we too have our little LMS red cards! No chance down here at the Diocesan level, but current negs. with the FSSP, should sort the matter.

After my father-in-law's funeral at OLR, one of the nuns made the remark that there they liked to celebrate the life of the person. Why she said that to me, I don't know. I wanted his immortal soul to be prayed for as well, if not more so. I should have challenged her on it but was too timid. I regret it now. Celebrate the life yes, but don't leave our the more important thing. The Holy Souls in Purgatory won't be celebrating their lives I'm sure. Maybe I'm old fashione. I pray for the Holy Soul at the Requiem Mass and celebrate the life in the pub or parlour afterwards.

God bless you Annie and thanks for your earlier comment on the Oasis.


Gerontius said...

Me too, I hope, Annie.

The EF Requiem is a prayer to God to aid the soul of the departed. The OF Mass seems to be aimed more at consoling family and friends and providing a framework for the celebration of the life of the deceased. The OF, at least as said in my Parish, looks back at this life, the EF looks forward in faith and hope to the next.

Thank God we have priests who are willing and able to celebrate it.

Will pray for Nancy.

Annie said...

Absolutely, J and G!

Only having experienced the cringy, depressing, 'life-affirming eulogy' type before, the focus of the EF Requiem Mass is so completely right. It completely turned round my view of funerals.

What can be more consoling to a bereaved friend or relative than to know you are actively doing something for them, and helping them by praying for them in their new life at Holy Mass?

Then yeah, go off and have a party and tipple to celebrate their old life.

Jane, the FSSP? Wow, prayers galore coming your way.