01 January 2010

Happy New Year

Well what d'you know. Ten years since the millenium (or mi-nelly-um as it was known in our house) and the earth still revolves. I'm quite looking forward to 2013 when we'll all know for sure that the earth's core is still functioning, our magnetic field is still in its current orientation, we've yet to be hit by a comet/meteorite/asteroid/spaceship full of drunk stag night aliens, and all those film makers will have moved onto the Next Big Thing, what ever they choose it to be.

Not that I don't like a rollicking disaster movie in the sci-fi genre. It's just that what with the hoo ha about some folks interpretation of the Mayan calendar, and people getting their panties in a bunch about the core freezing (over which they have no control even were they true), sometimes 'celebrating' the New Year can appear like a really bad idea, which is why I would prefer to celebrate the Church's New Year rather than the secular one.

I don't like resolutions, but I do hope that this year sees more Old Rite Masses than ever before, those who are yet to be convinced that the Extraordinary Form is an enriching and fabulous thing become convinced, and that our wonderful, wise Holy Father continues in the best of health.

Cheers everyone, and here's to a peaceful and holy year!


david said...

Annie thanks for a great blog look forward to it even more in 2010.What we need is even more Missa Cantatas to brighten our dull churches.David

Annie said...

Oh, thank you *blush*! More Missa Cantatas would be nice, but I'd happily settle for a few more parishes getting their heads round the idea of a regular (ie, weekly) Low Mass just for starters!

AMDG, I haven't post your comment, because your real name was on it...