26 November 2009

Oh I say...

...how could I have been so slow in seeing this?

If you know me a bit, you'll know I have a thing about polyester and nylon vestments, you know, the crackly kind that would probably give you a shock after you take them out of the tumble drier even if you have used industrial quantities of fabric softener? Well here is my kind of blog. Think Trinny and Susannah in What Not to Wear but with a liturgical vibe.

It's so groovy, you'll need shades, so rad, you'll need to join a protest group, so right on, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. And, glory, it's ecumenical.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Bad Vestments.

Here's a sneak peek:

Really, I cannot encourage you enough to have a look at the entire blog.

I cried, honestly... Smileys


pelerin said...

I came across the Bad Vestments site a couple of week ago - I cannot remember which blog I linked from - but it certainly cheered up my day! The comments both from the blog writer and commenters are hilarious.

I went back to it from your site just now and nearly spilt my coffee into my keyboard! Having been an art student in the 1960s some brought back memories of 'tie and dye' together with memories of the smell of the dyes!

I wonder if Fr Mildew has seen the Mould Mildew and Fungus one?

Strangely 'bad' vestments are not new. In the Museum in Lourdes there is a set of vestments designed in 1958 which in my own humble ex art student's opinion are dreadful - victorian dingy floral cushion covers come to mind. I had not realised that beauty had started to disappear from vestments even then.

Annie said...

The comments on that blog are absolutely priceless!

I think my fave set of vestments have to be the stealth set, where the bishop becomes the wall, although the balloon stole is quite something too.

pelerin said...

Oh yes the camouflage one! The blog could have a competition on which are the top 5 or 10 best (ie worst) ones.

We are all finding them hilarious but in a way it is sad that these vestments even exist and presumably the Priests and vicars think they are ok. Those of us who are in a parish where we can see the full beauty of older vestments are indeed privileged.

Annie said...

I kind of feel bad at having a snigger. But at the same time, there's not much dignity or gravitas in wearing something that makes people gawp (and not in a good way) because the wearer looks like they've stepped out of an explosion in a paint factory *remembers the anointing with marinara effort*.

pelerin said...

'Explosion in a paint factory' - wonderful!