22 November 2009

Last Sunday after Pentecost

At Our Lady of Consolation this afternoon Mass was said by Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith. Father preached a sermon on the end times, highlighting Our Lord's words from the Gospel that we should be on our guard against following false prophets and false signs. He then went on to link an erroneous belief in the imminent end to a tendency to not be mindful of our stewardship of the planet; that the world will end is no excuse for squandering our God-given resources.

Thanks to Father for braving the awful weather. In fact, considering how atrocious the weather is (one might even say a bit 'end-time-ish'!), OLOC was pretty full, and lots of folk stayed behind after Mass to catch up and chat, which was great.
Of course, chatting wouldn't be half as much fun without the tea and coffee, and I haven't mentioned them before, so a big thank you to the ladies who make the tea and coffee, you know who you are..!

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