05 February 2016

A while ago...

...I signed a petition to drop the charges against the Planned Parenthood whistle blower, David Daleidon. His undercover videos showed just what the abortion industry is really about : foetal harvesting for profit. I posted links to these videos in July and August last year.

Image result for baby creative commons

Since then there have been more videos, and of course, the charges against David Daleidon, and Sandra Merrit who worked with him to expose the vile peddling of baby parts.

If the story was about the abuse of baby pandas I am pretty certain there would be the most appalling outcry. Daleidon and Merrit would be held up as poster children, not being charged with, now get this, trafficking in aborted baby parts.

Yes, they exposed Planned Parenthood.They got them to admit what they do and how they do it on video, which is flog off bits of baby, and the whistle-blowers are being charged and not Planned Parenthood. It's positively Kafkaesque.

So please sign the petition.

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