05 February 2014

Mass in Basingstoke

From Adam Pettigrew : 

St Joseph's, St Michael's Rd, Basingstoke

Sunday 9th March at 7pm.

Celebrant: Canon Alan Griffiths (teacher of Liturgy at Wonersh Seminary)

Preacher: Father John Maunder (a priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham)

The Mass will be sung by the Schola Gregoriana Sancti Nicholai.

The choir will provide Mass booklets with the chant for the congregation.

All welcome- Refreshments will follow.

Thank you to Father Mark Hogan who has been very supportive.

UPDATE : Also from Adam, the news that the initial congregation of 60, yes, that's 60 people initially, IS GROWING, and now includes a choir and more servers. Just shows what can happen, so fight the good fight, never give up, never surrender!

Here's a picture of the kind of age group we're talking about here: 

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