09 May 2013

In which I highlight the challenge facing the Latin Mass Goer

 Today, Gentle Reader, and it pains me to tell you this, my husband and I were officially labelled as 'lapsed'.

A Lapsed Couple

Yes, the parish we've been in (and coughing up for) for the last couple of decades suddenly noticed us.

I should have sat at the front in a mantilla sooner.

We have been invited to a series of meetings for, as I say, the lapsed, where we can explore the basics of the Faith, who we are, where we are going, and I suppose, how we are going to get there, in a relaxed, non threatening environment. Which is sweet.
 An alpha wave, denoting relaxed state

When I first read the letter, I laughed out loud. Then I felt slightly aggrieved. I would love to more regularly attend my own parish. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer the Latin Mass, so we have no option but to travel whenever the Mass is available. We have ended up unrecognised in our own parish, in spite of still regularly worshipping there. It's really rather sad.

Travelling round is, to put it mildly, a real chore. It also appears to alienate you a tad, whether you like it or not, from your own parish, as we found out via the post this morning.

We come in peace...
But as the Latin Mass refreshes the parts other Masses don't reach, what is the option?


david said...

Annie We are Nomadic like yourselves and steer clear of Shoreham.It is a chore to cover the miles but what a great bonus awaits at the EF Mass.I doubt the OF crowd would do the same but I would like to see the tables turned and have them put up with extra travelling.

Gerontius said...

I think you should go (ok, so I don’t really), although you might be the only attendee. Many genuinely lapsed Catholics have a genuine grievance – perhaps they are seeking the EF Mass but don’t know it. You may be able to perform a conversion or two! Who is doing the chatting – Priest or some good ladies? At least your Parish will be able to tick off the box on the Diocesan wall planner.

MC Man said...

I think that Traditional Catholics should also try to attend the Ordinary form Mass in their own parishes and by their example try and bring about reverence and good Liturgy,attend parish functions discuss the Traditional Latin Mass etc,after all we are all Catholics no matter if we prefer Latin,Vernacular,Roman Rite or Eastern Rite.

Ruokh said...

Annie, I am horrified by the letter you received. I only feel nourished and in communion with my God when attending the EF Mass, so also travel, or go weeks without attending; am I also lapsed?

My thanks to the LMS for providing my spiritual pathway.

Annie said...

Hello Ruokh :), it is remarkable, isn't it, how the Latin Mass affects you! It is so special it's worth travelling miles for if you are able to.