07 January 2013

Why this should surprise me...

...I don't know, perhaps because I'm a closet optimist, but have a read of Damian Thompson. It makes you shake your head and sigh deeply while wringing your hands and wondering what some people's problem actually is, apart from being deliberately contrary.

I can't help but wonder what is so frightening about the Latin Mass. The beauty?  The reverence? The silence? The Sacrifice - being really and truly up close and personal with Our Lord at Calvary?


david said...

Why dont they just go over to the CoE they have destroyed the altars turning the churches into replicas of Christian Scientist reading rooms.When you do find a church that has not been vandalised and the EF Mass said there you rejoice but weep at the same time.

john-of-hayling said...

All welcome to cross the border into Portsmouth on the third Saturday of each month. Venue is St Agatha's Church at 11.00 - first EF is on Jan 19th.
St Agatha's is a part of the Ordinariate of OLW and normally uses the Book of Divine Worship. It has definitely not been vandalised, uses old style vestments and has rescued artefacts from across the nation.