23 October 2012

The future's...

...still folky? Really, after all this time?

 I was brought up on kum ba yah and similar meaningless ditties, as some of you might know. They are so middle of the last century. They are so of their time. They are so DATED it's almost embarrassing.

Wouldn't it be nice to get back to the timeless, the meaningful, the kind of music that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck at Mass and makes you think WOW rather than thinking you're back at junior school assembly? I'll admit there are quite a lot of things liturgically in the NO that make me want to weep. But I can always close my eyes at a push, and a mantilla is a beautiful thing if pulled down far enough to avoid having to see anything at all, but you can never avoid the music. And it's not always possible to get to a said NO Mass.

So. Have a look at La Croix. Mon Dieu.

Pictures speak louder than words by the way, if your French, like mine is a tad ropey.

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david said...

When you think of all the great treasure trove of music still to be heard at Missa Cantata Masses you feel such a swelling up inside that seems to elevate coupled with the wonderful liturgy.