24 May 2012

Hans Who (does-he-think-he-is)?

I've never liked suspense, although I'm a great believer in keeping the right feast on the right day, not having birthday presents early, and not peeking under the Christmas tree. And I like a book with a happy ending.
Which is why I like being a Catholic. We know how the story ends. I think that's one of the reasons reincarnation has always felt really rather cruel. You go round and round, never knowing the end.

The other thing I like about the church is its continuity. Here we are, assailed by all kinds of worldly rubbish and views that range from the irritating to the downright harmful, and the church remains ultimately a refuge for us. There are rules which make us free. I like rules as well. There is nothing more freeing than having a sensible, well-defined boundary. It's counter-intuitive, but it's true. Within a boundary, you are free. Outside it, you have a really huge potential to get entirely lost and mess up.

So, pondering what it means to be free takes me back to the blog title.

Really, Hans who? Putting aside the vast ego of the man (he comes across oddly enough a bit like Richard Dawkins wearing a slightly different hat), he is so free he seems to have lost the plot. What's the man on? We are reforming, under the amazing Holy Father God has given us, we're slowly and gently being allowed to return to our roots. Kung obviously loathes tradition (with a big and small T I'm guessing), and fails to see how important unity is to the Holy Father, and indeed to all of us.

He should really have kept up with the Spirit of the Times. Things have moved on, man, wake up and smell the incense.

Now, I wasn't going to post anything until after the Novena below ended, because I wanted to keep it at the top of the blog, but it's still there below this one, so please don't forget it's there! And also please remember the Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Consolation, 2nd June!

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