12 March 2012


It's all over the blogosphere and news, but I haven't felt I could add anything particularly original to the great things I've read. We've written to our MP (twice, still no response), we've signed the petition, and here are a few thoughts.

You can't ignore biology. Men and women complement one another, and marriage is just the best way for us to love and support each other and children.

So the first thing is how sorry I feel for anyone who wants a long term committed married relationship.  They aren't to be had for love nor money (perhaps for ready money, but I wouldn't know about that), certainly not from what I can see under the age of thirty five. There is so much emphasis on the feel good pick up: meet, meet again, have sex, if the sex is good stay around for more sex, get to know each other, move in, stick around until you find someone better to have sex with. Repeat as necessary. Not being sexist here, but generally the woman and possibly a kid or two are left to get on with it. It's really not a good time to find that permanent special someone.

So what's the remedy to improve the lives of men, women, and children? Let's batter matrimony, says the Government, reduce its significance even further in the popular mind, redefine it, ignore biology, include everyone.

The trouble with being so very open is, that in the future, one man and his dog won't be about sheep.

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