17 October 2011

Steyning Masses begin this coming weekend, 23rd October...

Christ the King, Steyning

...and every fourth Sunday of the month,


MC Man said...

Annie,I had the privilege of serving the 9am EF mass at CTK on sunday and found it a very moving prayerfull Mass.However I believe that unlike perhaps a weekday Mass on a sunday the congregation should join in the Gloria,Creed and Pater Noster,led by the celebrant to pray together as a community,I feel that this would encourage more people to come to an EF celebration.

Annie said...

Hello! It was a lovely Mass on Sunday.

Although I would have to disagree with you about participation. I think we are all there, participating together, but participating silently :). I personally LOVE the fact that we can be silent!
It's just heaven to be able to be completely absorbed in the Mass without the feeling that any minute the entire place will erupt with a hearty response when all has been calm contemplation up to that point.

I know mine isn't a very popular view, but having been brought up with noisy participation at Mass until it comes out of your ears and you need earplugs, I find the silences in the Low Mass to be completely necessary. I really don't think saying stuff is necessary for participation.

As to making the EF more acccessible, I was drawn to it entirely because of the silence, and have never felt 'left out' because of it. I think the silences are what makes you more a part of the Mass than anything else. I think the EF requires a slightly different shift of focus by anyone who assists at one, and not to bring it into line with the OF, but to show that it is a different way of approaching Our Lord, and is therefore 'done' differently.