05 September 2011

The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate at Lanherne

When I read about the possible end of the convent, I had a sudden urge to rush out and buy a lottery ticket in the vain hope I could come up with a miraculous million or two. There's still time, so I might yet. In the mean time, if anyone has a million or so lying around, watch this. If you haven't, watch this. Their address is at the end. I found it on In Caritate Non Ficta. The sisters are so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

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surreycatholic said...

Beautiful post, Annie, but I'm surprised only SIX people have registered a 'like' vote. It makes me think that if only I had a million quid I'd want to give it to them. As it is, I s'pose one prays for vocations to their order and sends what one can.
Incredible needle-work isn't it?
Do we know what the music is?