04 July 2011

Colour me fogey

At the risk of sounding like an old fogey myself, I've had a fun time seeing how many slightly different definitions of fogey there are on the web, in honour of the spirited dialogue at the moment between our Chairman, Joe, and the Catholic Herald's Stuart Reid (Herald,1st July).

From being synonymous with dodos,


and the sartorially challenged,

this one caught my eye: 'someone whose style is out of fashion.'

What has liturgy got to do with fashion, or whether you are perceived by anyone to be cool or not?

I'm sure most of us have had a look at one time or another at the horror Masses on the web.

So should Mass be of a time, fashion, prevailing cultural mood, 

Or should it stand alone from fashion?

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that the Liturgy should never be considered 'fashionable', so colour me fogey.

As an aside, it's very difficult to get Masses scheduled for times that families can actually attend if you are anywhere other than in a major city with pro clergy. It's impossible to introduce the EF Mass to families if the only time is the bum end of a Sunday, and you have to travel an hour or more one way. It's no wonder a skew is seen in some places in terms of demographic. Where Masses are said at reasonable times, families attend. I personally can't stand mid afternoon Masses. Not only does it put a crimp in your lunch, if you have time to have it before 'the drive', it's damned anti-social for the wider family. I'd love to have a nine o'clock where I am, or even an eight!


david said...

Amen Amen Amen.

pelerin said...

Interesting comments here Annie. I have not heard the term 'old fogey' used for years and presumed it had gone out of fashion (or no longer cool as the youngsters would say) - I must look up what its etymology is now that I am probably regarded as one myself!

I do agree with you that the liturgy should not be 'fashionable' - it should be timeless. What happened in the 60s and 70s should be a lesson to everyone.

However on the subject of timing the TLMs I beg to differ. I think everyone will have their favourite time for Mass and quite understand those who prefer an early Mass. However for many people who travel distances to attend a TLM then afternoon or evening will suit them better especially if Sunday public transport is relied on.

Before I had the 'luxury' of being able to attend a regular TLM in my own parish, I used to attend a mid day Mass on Saturdays in another town. This necessitated two bus journeys and I had to allow two hours to get there. I could never have done it if the Mass had been at 8 or 9 am!

We do not yet have a weekly Sunday TLM but if this ever happened and was early, then although I am not a 'morning person' I would do my best to get there. But then I only have myself to get ready. For those with families then a 10 or 11 am Mass would be more family friendly.

pelerin said...

PS Have just look up 'fogey' and see that its origin is unknown - It must come from somewhere!

Annie said...

Hi Pelerin :)

10/11 is absolutely ideal for families, but those slots are never available to those asking for a Sunday EF. 9 is the best I think you could ever get and that would be pushing it. 12.30 is doable.

We have to travel miles to get to one of the 3.00pms and it's just a pain!