21 June 2011

What a load of...

...calculated misrepresentation.

There seems to be a lot of calculated misrepresentation going on all over the place at the moment.

From the quite frankly risible 'arguments' over girls serving the EF, which as we all know (yawn) the Vatican says AREN'T ALLOWED, to the one that really sticks in my throat: the 'misogyny' claim. This is absolutely hysterical  (if you'll excuse the pun), women are 'unclean' and therefore can't 'do' on the altar.

So for the record, and very briefly as I could go on for hours about this, as a woman quite capable of shovelling away the BS chucked all over the Catholic media at the moment by people with ishoos:

1. I have never ever felt second class in the Catholic church because of a male priesthood.

In the eyes of some people this probably tars me as a no-brainer with an inability to see  'unfairness' when it's staring me in the face every time I'm at Mass. Er, no, actually it means I believe Priests should be male, and will always be male. Oddly, that's what the Church teaches.

2. Nor have I ever considered male servers an affront to the dignity of the unserving *sisterhood*.

Again, my bad, where is my solidarity with my poor oppressed sisters (or brothers) who feel they should be servers, or more? Well, if, as I believe, the Sanctuary is a place where vocations are made, damned right, no girls in the Sanctuary. See point 1.

3. I am not inferior because I am a woman.

I think this blindingly obvious fact has to be stated, because some people seem to be carrying Everest sized chips on their shoulders about the great gift God gave them of being women. Equal but different, right?

This peculiar attempt to secularise the church by imposing some kind of uniform job equality would be funny if it wasn't quite so tragic.

Didn't Our Lord say  'Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God that which is God's'?


david said...

Annie call me old school but I do not want to see female servers or ministers of the eucharist within a mile of the altar.I could scream with rage at least with the SSPX they dont water down everything to be on message.

pelerin said...

1. Exactly

2. Damned right indeed

3. Quite right

Mater mari said...

Hear, hear and once again hear! I couldn't have put it half as well myself.

There is, I feel, more than a modicum of truth in the old adage: 'The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world' - although I hasten to add that I have absolutely no wish to rule the world!

john-of-hayling said...

Mary Kenny has a mixed record of comments, but on this matter she opines that boys will simply not want to serve if serving at the altar is seen as a 'girly' thing.
If in doubt -ask your priest....did he ever serve?