28 February 2010

Today at West Grinstead

Fr Agley celebrated Mass this afternoon, and preached on how the practice of Lent should lead us all to change, and should ultimately transfigure us.

Having missed the last Mass at OLOC, it was a real breath of fresh air to assist at the EF again. A month of EF cold turkey might be thought good for you in some respects, but it definitely isn't for me.

The Sunday after next will be a Missa Cantata, celebrated by Fr Hurley. The Seaford Schola will be providing the music, and I hope lots of you can come.

Mrs Goddard is out and about again, and all good wishes for her continued health.

After Mass, there was some interesting talk regarding the CES and Balls' sex education, none of it pro, surprise surprise. The DH handed me a copy of the Herald to look after before Mass, and the image on the front page was quite an occasion of sin (as soon as I got home I gave in to temptation and scribbled a toothbrush moustache on it). The unity of thought the folk I've talked to have expressed is so strong it makes me wonder how on earth the CES were able to get in bed with Balls in the first place. So sign the petition!

Elizabeth from Sussex has a great Sunday prayer for the Bishop, pop along and have a pray.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Sounds wonderful. Is the next Mass there on Mothering Sunday? Can't see getting away if so. But who knows?

Annie said...

I believe it is Mothering Sunday. I also believe that I'm quite within my rights on this of all days to tootle off and have a couple of hours at a Mass of my choosing, especially as it puts me in such a good mood, lol! Anyway, DH is on the serving team!