13 July 2009

Yesterday at W Grinstead

We always seem to leave the house in a rush on OLOC Sundays, and as the traffic can be heavy at the best of times, we have to leave in plenty of time so I always forget to take my camera. But one of these weeks I will remember, and I'll even make sure the battery's charged!

It was another very prayerful Mass this week. Following in my missal, the depth and richness of it never ceases to amaze me, there's always something new to find. I don't always use my missal, sometimes if I just can't clear my mind to concentrate, I go with the flow, other times I concentrate better without turning pages. I find within the structure of the EF more freedom and more challenge. It's a bit like a certain beer advert from a while back, the usus antiquior simply refreshes the parts other forms can't reach.
Many thanks to Father for celebrating Mass, and giving an interesting and thought provoking sermon.

You know, if you haven't tried an EF Mass yet, you should, they're really rather good!

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