24 March 2011

Men - We Need You!

Seriously, we do. We need servers, lots and lots and lots of servers in this Diocese. We now have more churches willing to host the Extraordinary Form, more priests, but we are seriously lagging in the serving department in some areas.

In the past, small boys were able to serve Mass, and it really isn't as hard as it might seem I'm authoritatively told, being a chapette, I wouldn't know first hand.

Full training can be given in various locations throughout the Diocese by very helpful blokes who are more than happy to offer any help, support and advice.

Please chaps, have a go, try it out, or just inquire. There's a handy Sodality to join too.


david said...

Well said Annie as you well know some of us serving at present are not in the first flush of youth.This appeal is very necessary and deserves the utmost support.

MC Man said...

I am an oldie who enjoys serving both forms of the Mass.Serving the EF Mass is a lot harder than the OF but is more satisfying,more to do more to say.Mass is rarely said in the OF in latin so most younger servers would have a problem,also many do not even make the responses in an English language Mass.Learning to serve the EF would certainly help in the OF as it is the bench mark of good serving and encourages reverance,I think all servers should be capable of serving both forms.