24 April 2014

The Pilgrimage

If you haven't already heard, maybe if you've been abroad or something, the A&B LMS pilgrimage to OLOC, West Grinstead on Saturday, 17th May is rapidly approaching. Bishop Schneider will celebrate Pontifical High Mass at noon, followed by lunch, spiritual conference and devotions. So, Noon, 17th May,Our Lady of Consolation, Park Lane, West Grinstead, RH13 8LT, don't forget to bring your lunch! 

18 April 2014

17 April 2014

15 April 2014

There will be no Mass...

...on Easter Day at St Thomas More, Seaford.

07 April 2014

Mass at Our Lady Of Consolation, West Grinstead

Mass times on second Sundays at West Grinstead are now at 3.00 pm until further notice.

24 March 2014

17 March 2014

Mass in Brighton

Fr Bruno Witchalls is offering Low Mass every Thursday evening at 7.00 pm in his parish of St Mary, Surrenden Road, Brighton. Here's a link for location. Isn't this marvellous news!

Please see the sidebar for this and other parishes and Mass times.

12 March 2014

06 March 2014

The next Mass in Seaford at St Thomas More...

...is on 16th March and will be a Missa Cantata, and will be at 6.00 pm, NOT the usual 3.00pm, please spread the word.

Also, please remember the Day of Recollection in Uckfield! Please follow this link for details.

26 February 2014

Server Training at St Mary Magdalen, Brighton

From James Melody:

'On Saturday 8th March we have a training session for servers. We have David Forster coming down to assist with the delivery. It starts at 2pm. It is open to anyone who might be interested.'

For further details, please contact James at jamesmelody@gmail.com .


14 February 2014

Pray for those...

...who have voted in the most evil piece of legislation in Belgium, and for anyone who carries it out. 

 Jesus mercy, Mary help.

And following the UN attack on the Holy See, there is a way we can make our voices heard by SIGNING THIS PETITION.

08 February 2014

More erosion of the family unit

I would ask you to sign this petition objecting to proposals to extend the school day and shrink holidays.

Anything that seeks to extend the reach of government even further into family life has to be resisted. Let's resist!