28 March 2011

LMS Seeks to Recruit New Editor for Mass of Ages Magazine


24 March 2011

We are currently seeking a new editor for Mass of Ages magazine, as our current editor, John Medlin, will be retiring from this position later this year.

'Mass of Ages' is the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society and is, with our website, one of the two principal ‘shop windows’ for the Society’s work, as well as a vital means of communication with our members. It is therefore a high priority for the Society.

The magazine’s current look was developed several years ago and the time has come for a thorough revamp, both in appearance and content, to bring it into line with the Society’s developing and expanding activities and priorities. We are also proposing a number of technical changes in the way in which the magazine is produced. The new editor will be intimately involved in these changes at what is an exciting time for the Society.

As well as journalistic and relevant technical experience, the new editor will have a deep and sympathetic knowledge of the Traditional Catholic world.

If you would like more information, including salary details and job description, please contact LMS General Manager Mike Lord by email on michael@lms.org.uk or phone him on 020 7404 7284 for a confidential talk.


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There's an opportunity for you!

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