23 June 2009

More Photos from W Grinstead

Before Mass:

The Mass:

And After:


Anonymous said...

Not to be critical, just commenting on what jumped out at me....I'm a little surprised to see women at the Holy Mass not wearing veils. I'm also a little surprised that you call Fr. Goddard by his first name.

Praise God for another Holy Priest!

Annie said...


Yes indeed! The only shame is that Fr's off to Canada (lucky Canada!)

Some women were wearing veils, the majority weren't.
Personally, I don't mind either way as long as people are coming to the EF!

It's the Mass that's important, introducing people to the EF Mass, everything else follows from that. I like to wear a veil, but that's me (not wishing to get into the abrogation argument!!). I certainly don't think it's a fruitful or useful exercise to make a big deal out of headgear for women, even though I think it's important.

As for first names, well there are two Fr Goddards, father and son.

To Whom It May Concern:

On a more general note, in future, I shan't be publishing any comment from anyone who is 'Anonymous'. It could be the most erudite, interesting, fantastic comment, but if it hasn't got a name to go with it, it's not going up!