19 June 2009

The east A&B questionnaire again

Thanks to all who have responded so far, and please keep them coming!


Elizabeth said...

If you put the questionnaire on your blog more people could answer it?

Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth, :)

The questionnaire is specific to the LMS members in the east of the Diocese (my repping bit), basically where nothing happens at all in terms of the EF, or where nothing has happened for a considerable period of time. All the responses are confidential, and so far I've had some very moving replies.

I wrote to people, because to be honest, I have no idea if many people know about the blog, let alone actually read it, and some folk prefer letters to internet, so I thought writing more practical!

Given the possibly sensitive nature of one or two of the questions, I could rewrite it to make it less, er, potentially controversial for the public domain. The last thing I want are rants in the combox, which may very well be totally justified, but which are hardly helpful in the practical sense of raising awareness in a positive way and getting satisfactory results! But I shall definitely think on it...... :D ...in fact, I think I have had an idea...Watch this space...