11 June 2009

Corpus Christi Mass Reminder

At St Mary Magdalene, Brighton 7.30 this evening.


James Barton said...

Alas I could not go to holy communion as I spent much of the Mass sinning. The sanctity and solenmity was ruined by the continual running around and noises of small children. Our lord loved the small children as do I, but it was not them that caused me to sin but their inept parents who allowed them to prevent me (and many others in the congigation) to reach that special spiritual place that the extraorinary form raises us up to.

Annie said...

Hi James, a lot of noise can be distracting at Mass, I agree, and it can be hard to concentrate if the little munchkins are being a bit boisterous.

But on the other hand, if kids aren't introduced to the beauty and wonder of the EF, then there's no hope that in the future we'll see more EF Masses! It's a different style of Mass and it takes some getting used to, but hey, if kids were there, it means their parents were there, and more people are experiencing how fabulous the EF is. That's got to be good in the long run!