02 June 2009

Le Barroux Benedictines

I was trawling some websites while I had lunch, trying to catch up a bit, and found this new DVD at the New Liturgical Movement site. As I thought Into Great Silence marvellous, I can see me getting a copy of Veilleurs dans la Nuit as well. The Benedictine Abbaye Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux website can be found here, and there's the opportunity to view a clip from the DVD at the bottom of the home page, just cliquez ici.

Now what I would like to have is an equally marvellous DVD of Sisters sharing their equally marvellous vocations! Anyone know of anything coming in the future or around at the moment?


mike tee said...

Hello - I tried clicking on to the right places to see this video (le Barroux), but it said something like 'this video no longer available' However you can view it by clicking on this link: http://wdtprs.com/blog/category/just-too-cool/page/2/
This is part of Fr. Zuhlsdorf's blog ('Fr. Zee').
Hope this helps.
Regards, Mike Telford

Annie said...

Hi Mike, I just checked the link in the post, and it's working, that's very puzzling!