15 July 2015

Something from the USA

There are a few links here, please click on them for the full picture.

Our news outlets, apart from the Daily Mail,  have been unremarkably silent on a truly disgusting video (well, what would you expect?). 

You can see it here on Fox News, or on LIFE SITE. Be warned, you might become nauseous and incandescent with rage in equal measure.

Over a nice glass of something and a good plateful, a doctor from Planned Parenthood talks about flogging off aborted baby parts for research, and how they manage to not destroy the bits they're after during the abortion process. 

So what company would use the 'tissue'? It's THIS ONE. Interesting placards the women are holding. What could be a link between the one and the other?

There has been a veritable Twitter storm over the past few hours, and one in which, if you have Twitter, and feel so inclined, you may wish to weigh in on. 

Please support the Good Counsel Network and SPUC.

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