29 July 2015

Updated : Baby body parts for cash...

...the story that's so appalling, the BBC won't give it any coverage.

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There are more videos taken undercover in the cause of showing just what an industry abortion is, and how much money is invested in it. So much money that Planned Parenthood in the US stand to lose shed loads, if, of course, people wake up to the horror of picking through a dead baby's body for the *good bits* for profit. PP say it's all selective editing, and they're really the good guys. Tell that to the baby in bits on a lab bench. And you can see from the original videos on line that no selective editing has gone on, they're lying.

Naturally, the argument will run that if it's just blobs of rejected tissue, you might as well just use up the bits rather than disposing of them decently. Although that kind of rings hollow when you hear the doctors talking about legs and kidneys, and keeping the brains intact.

For some context regarding the background of Planned Parenthood, what a euphemism, here are some quotes from Margaret Sanger, PP's founder.

No-one in this country will even hear about this if news providers are so selective with their reporting that they censor all those bits out which don't support their particular leftist liberal agenda. Oh, like the BBC, our allegedly wondrous flagship television service. I actively boycott the BBC most of the time for the sake of my blood pressure, but dip in occasionally. I've dipped in recently, and it's same old, same old.

So here is the latest link to the videos showing exactly what does go down in abortion clinics in the US. If you can't take my word for it, have a look and see for yourselves. A word of warning, they are truly appalling, and you might want to say the prayer to St Michael before, during, and after. Again, this is disturbing stuff, be warned :

Human Capital

UPDATE from Life Site news:

'The California Supreme Court has issued a narrow temporary restraining order preventing the centre for Medical Progress (CMP)...from releasing further video footage...'
You can read the WHOLE STORY HERE.


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