14 March 2012

You know I said that in the future...

...one man and his dog won't be about sheep?

The words wife and husband will soon be archaic, spouse defunct, and children born the old fashioned way will be just that, old fashioned, so last century. After all, I can't remember the last time anyone from an institution, whether it be school, bank, wherever, referred to husband or wife. 'Partner' has been the term for someone with whom you are assumed to be having a co-habiting sexual relationship for a long time. (Read HERE for an interesting article by Lord Brennan, QC)

But I have to confess that my mild irritation at being regarded as some kind of relationship fossil is now more than mild. I know it's absolutely acceptable, nay, de rigueur, to assault marriage outright, to undermine it with  the continuous drip-drip that any alternatives are better because, well, they just are, okay,  in spite of what the government's own reports say. Perhaps they're hoping we'll all get bored and forget about it.

So if you haven't already signed the petition in support of marriage, please do by CLICKING HERE.  And the husband and me are still waiting for replies from our MP. Yawn.

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David said...

Guess your MP is Lib Dem this is where all this nonsense is coming from.We need a strong right wing government to stop peddling Lib Dem poison.Nice to see Tesco having hard time after their insults.