09 March 2012

I think this is a really, really, good idea.

In the States, a change in the order of the Sacraments is on the cards for children in the Diocese of Fargo.

Now it will be Baptism, Confirmation, First Holy Communion.

Read all about it here at the National Catholic Register.

Any thoughts?


Laura said...

Agree Annie. Fargo is a brilliant diocese, for this and many other reasons.

Mater mari said...

This was the order in which I received these sacraments as a 1950s Anglican. My cradle Catholic cousins, in the late 30s, received First Holy Communion at the age of 7 and made their Confirmations as soon as possible afterwards - before they had grown out of their white dresses. I kid you not!

Annie said...

I think it makes a lot more sense to confirm before First Holy Communion, MM, adolescents need all the help they can get before adolescence, or it really is The Rite of Exit (as it's known in our house).

Don't know anything at all about Fargo, Laura, but if the change in order of the Sacraments is anything to go by, it must be good!