11 May 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday: We had a great time at West Grinstead, where Father Alexander Lucie-Smith said Mass and gave a very uplifting sermon, thank you Father! The weather was just beautiful, and there was plenty to chat about over a cuppa and a biscuit outside afterwards, not least, silver jubilees and first masses.

Today: We had a powercut for six hours. Although extremely peeved (we were the only house in the road who hadn't received a notification letter, lol!), it did make me think about how lucky I am to usually not have to worry about whether there'll be power to make tonight's dinner, or do the washing, how totally silent it is without the fridge buzzing, how moody I am without a cup of tea, and also how much of my correspondence is done entirely in the ether of the internet: all of it, actually. I found that out this morning, when I had a list of things to do, and all of them needed the internet. The power loss also took our phone out, and I yearned temporarily for the Victorian postal service, which I understand was very good indeed but probably still not as good as a phone call, and my very own wind turbine (it's always breezy where I live).


Fr Ray Blake said...

Silver Jubilees - mine? Hope you are coming.

Annie said...

Yes Father, we were talking about yours, of particular interest was the incense you're planning on using. Will do our very best to get to St MM's this evening and congratulations :D!