08 April 2009

The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

The Mass of Ages magazine ran a great article in the February 2009 edition on the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate. Based at Lanherne in Cornwall, the Sisters use the 1962 Mass daily. If you would like to send a donation to them, (cheques payable to Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate) the address is:

The Reverend Mother, Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, Lanherne, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 4ER


Jane Teresa said...

Great work. Glad to see a link to the fantastic Franciscans of the Immaculate, and a picture of St. Philip Howard. Nobody can quite explain the link but he is the patron of our Chaplaincy up here in Bradford. I've added you to my bloglist. I came here through the Leeds LMS blog.

Annie said...

Hello, and thank you :)