13 April 2009

Easter Monday

I experienced a most prayerful and beautiful Low Mass at West Grinstead yesterday afternoon. Fr Bruno Witchalls spoke most movingly of Mary at the homily, and of the wonderful tradition that Our Lord first appeared to His Blessed Mother. While not in the Gospels, Our Lady isn't mentioned going to the tomb with the other women to anoint His body, it makes such perfect sense that He would first go to her, the most blessed. I love to think it was like that.

On a more frivolous note, I love the story of Matilda who lied and was fried, and you can't possibly go to West Grinstead and not produce a photo of the Belloc family grave (or the bedhead, as we call it) so here it is:


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall that it was Fr Witchall's sister who was attacked and badly injured a year or two ago. Do you have any information on how she is? I often think of her and the faith she displayed at the time - a real inspiration.

Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth, sorry, I'm afraid I don't know.