23 November 2015

Ordinariate in Surrey

I recently received this message, which I am more than happy to share with you all : 

"...Although not the Latin Mass, a traditional Ordinariate Mass will be offered at St Edward, Guildford (facing East, prayers at the foot of the Altar, Last Gospel etc). Arid Surrey. Arid, because there is very little evidence of Ordinariate activity in that area. Nor indeed can I find more than one entry for Surrey in the Latin Mass Society schedule; and so I do urge those also whose admirably correct instincts incline them to the Old Latin Mass, the Mass of Ages ... please do read this and give it some thought.
On Saturday 28 November, at 3.00, a Votive Mass of our Blessed Lady on Saturday will, Deo volente, be celebrated in the Church of St Edward the Confessor, Sutton Park, Guildford, GU 4 7QN.
It will be in the Ordinariate Form.
Readers will know that the Ordinariate Form is capable of being presented in various ways. Such as with the Preparation at the foot of the Altar ... right through to the Last Gospel. Since the celebrant on this occasion is due to be Fr Maunder, of St Agatha's Portsmouth, I think you have a guarantee that this Ordinariate celebration will be in the style and culture of traditional Western Catholic Liturgy.
I can think of few initiatives more worth supporting than this."

As a regular attendee at Ordinariate Masses, and given the lack of Latin Masses in Surrey, it would be great if any of you in the area could support this Mass. If you would like Latin Masses in Surrey, or anywhere else, you have to ask, get someone else to ask, as well as their friends, and then ask again. And be enthusiastic! There really is nothing like the Latin Mass. 

One minor point, please leave a name with comments. I nearly deleted this one because there was no name - pseudonym, real, I don't mind, just as long as I don't have to thank an 'Anonymous'! 


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