21 October 2013

Dream Team

Yesterday at St Thomas More, Seaford, was a first. It was Fr Bruno Witchalls' first missa cantata.  In fact, it was three firsts, because neither of the servers had undertaken their particular roles before either. Thanks to youtube, dvds, and common sense, you wouldn't have known it was a first time for anybody. So never let me hear that a missa cantata has to be cancelled because there are only two available servers.

It was (and I'm a bit of a low mass person as you know) quite honestly the most beautiful sung Mass I have ever assisted at. It was simple, it was holy, it flowed, it was wonderful. The music was absolutely right, thanks as ever to Tom and the Seaford Schola. And a big thank you to Fr Bruno (and the servers) for taking the plunge.

Can't wait for the next one!

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