07 February 2013

A Mass in Basingstoke

A little out of our patch I know, but please, if you know someone who might know someone in the area, who might be desperate for a Latin Mass or is curious to see what they are like, then please encourage them to support this Mass at St Joseph's, Basingstoke. Click HERE for a map.

From Adam Pettigrew:
Traditional Latin Mass

For the Second Sunday of Lent


We are pleased to welcome Fr Phillip Harris who

will celebrate the "Mass of Ages."


6pm on Sunday 24th February at

St Joseph’s church

St Michael's Road


RG22 6TY


Ample Parking Available


Anonymous said...

Talking of Masses and Mass times in particular and not wishing to be smarty-pants, B-u-u-t, whereas your side-bar gives the W Grinstead Masses as at 12.30 pm, the latest 'Mass of Ages' is still giving 3 pm.
Could you point this out to those i/c?
Just askin'
Mike Telford

Annie said...

I know, I'll let them know it's 12.30 pm again...