24 January 2013

Something in the air.


No, not that awful pong we were greeted with from France the other morning.
I'm talking about a few of the news articles I've been reading only today. For example, this one , in which Joanna Lumley states the obvious, that women should stop aping the 'lads' by imbibing so much they throw up in the gutter, and that wearing 'a silly dress' is not sensible and might even cause the odd problem or two, especially if you're very drunk.
One journalist has even found her inner Mary Whitehouse suggesting our daughters are being abused by the pornification of society. After which in the news feed was an appallingly awful story about the rape of a six year old by an eleven year old.
Take sex out of marriage so it's nothing more than a hobby, give 6 year olds sex education, provide contraceptives and abortions for children as soon as they ask for them (and if they don't) in secondary school, and peddle the lie that nothing has any consequences while you watch everything unravel.
Is it so hard to join the dots?

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