17 January 2012

A couple of things

I've been a tad busy recently, so haven't done much reading in the press or anywhere else for that matter, but at the weekend, and this morning, a couple of things caught my eye.

The first thing was a Facebook post about a blog promoting the restoration of Holy Communion on the tongue. Since I try to mainly assist at the usus antiquior whenever possible, it's hard not to be acutely aware of How Different Things Can Be in the ordinary form Mass. And not in a good way. I shall never forget the sight of the pudding basin on the flower stand, used for incinerating  incense. As I sincerely believe kneeling and on the tongue is the way to receive Our Lord, have a look at the blog, and see what you think.

Euthanasia. Such a soft and sinuous word for murder/suicide.

Lots about that, negative and positive, in the press at the moment. And another interesting twist is a government proposal for all the irritating and useless old folk who have the audacity to live, to want to live, and worse, stay in their own homes. It would seem they might be, er, 'encouraged' to downsize.  Downsize to where, exactly? Or is the underlying thought: displace, depress, die off?

I like to keep up with LifeSiteNews too, it's great to see what's going on in the pro-life movement in other places, notably the States. If you know me, you'll know I really don't like sport. Apart from Wimbledon, I think watching paint dry is preferable to pretty much any sport, so I shall be avoiding the telly like mad this Olympic year. So I surprised myself by reading an article called Hating Tim Tebow, oddly enough about an American footballer called Tim Tebow. American football, that's girly rugby, isn't it? Have a read and be inspired.

Following on from sport, here's an intro to a new week long Michael Voris/Vortex series of talks.

Don't we live in Interesting Times..?

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