18 February 2011

Urgent: International Appeal for the Preservation of the Integrity of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum

There have been rumours over last few days all over the blogosphere and on Damian Thompson's blog regarding the Summorum Pontificum. Fr Z suggested a whole raft of things the faithful could be doing over the next few days.

Now New Liturgical Movement has posted a link to a letter voicing concerns over what possible forthcoming instructions might be.

If you too are concerned about any possibility of any limiting of the SP, please sign the petition, and do lots of praying.


Gerontius said...

Have done the first part; half a minute later four more signatures had been added.

Now the praying starts........

surreycatholic said...

What are we waiting for? The only figure I could see was two thousand and a bit. Is that all we can do - in the ENTIRE world? Why aren't we making the on-line poll site crash with the sheer volume of our responses? Or are we soi-disant 'devotees of the traditional Mass' really THAT thin on the ground. (Or that indifferent?) Further to Fr. Z's sound counsel, we should not only pray and fast, but also crash the website. Without crudely confusing politics and faith, see how people power - i.e. sheer numbers) has already toppled one dictator. All we have to do to won this is to show how many we are. Can we do less with allies such as Our Blessed Lady? Remember Lepanto!!