13 August 2009

I've been tagged by Jane from the Oasis...

...to think of seven favourite things. A mere seven! Well, after considerable deep thought, they became broad categories. So:

1. All things Catholic
2. Family and friends, of course
3. Music, from chant and motets to industrial
4. Our brilliant weather and countryside, especially the sea
5. Imagination
6. The internet/computers
7. Fruit (but not bananas)

The tough part now is to tag seven other people who haven't been tagged already, but as I don't know who has and who hasn't, here are 7 anyway! So, OTSOTA , Bernadette, Philip, Ukok, Jane, Seraphic, and Pastor in Valle, you're tagged.

Better still, any readers who would care to share, put your Big 7 in the combox, and I'll post them!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag, Annie, I'll put a post up on my blog with my fave 7.

Jane said...

Yes, seven only was very difficult! One had to cheat a little.

New blog continues to dominate, which is great. Promised post on UK and specifically A & B on Saturday or Tuesday at the latest.

God bless,


Jane said...

Agreed about bananas! I'm allergic to them, and pears and eggs!

Annie said...

Can't abide bananas, Jane! Looking forward to reading your post!

Thanks for popping over catholicconvert, sorry I didn't think to add a link!